A mobile application fitting exactly to your needs lead for sure to a better field operations efficiency. When time runs out or conditions are uncomfortables, while decisions have to be taken, well-designed tools can make the difference between success or failure. Aware of that, the Geoid-Ocean team propose to exploit the capabilities of mobile devices by imaginating applications designed to interact with your database. Our applications uses the inner GPS sensor of your phone or tablet to submit real-time requests to your operational system. Using our mobile applications, you can access useful informations, when you need it, where you need it.

The MeSODroid app

Deploy a numerical float in a few seconds in any conditions !

The MeSODroid app runs on Android systems and allow you to submit float positions to the MeSOLaB system interactively from a mobile device. Inner GPS sensors can be used to set automatically the user position while a button allow you to set the date to current time. So you want to deploy a numerical floats to obtain 7-days forecasts of its drift, rigth where you are on the sea ? You just have to set your position by clicking the GPS button, set the time using the date button, fill the form to your needs and submit. That's it ! You will receiveve the results by email and data will be available on the website as soon as simulation is processed.

With the MeSODroid app, you can deploy a numerical float in a few seconds in any conditions ! Try it !