In addition to traditionnal scientific data plotting tools, Geoid-Ocean proposes graphic services. We can access your databases to produce high quality outreach materials and then reveal the esthetic side of geoscience processes we all like to admire.  

We created a full set of librairies extracting common geoscience data formats. We can overlay these data to our topography and texture extraction system, with a resolution of 500m for the whole globe. The combination of your earth sciences data and our graphic system will for sure give amazing results you could be surprised of ! 

Integrating such accessible visuals to your outreach activities and communications will allow to easily adapt your communications for non-initiated audiences as well as for professionnal audiences.
Our scientific background will help us to guide you in order to create « your » view of the scene. Feel free to contact us for any request or idea submission ! We have a lot of material, not published for now, that may fit to your needs.