MyGeoid is your personal space on this website. When you're logged to the Geoid-Ocean website, you can bookmark MeSOMap regions (and associated parameters) using the "Share" icon of the map.
This bookmark is then added to the "My Places" menu of your personal "My Geoid" account as an embedded interactive map. You can preserve time bounds by enabling the "Preserve bounds" box. This will results in a bookmark for which time-scale will not evolve anymore (i.e. a map snapshot). If this latest checkbox is not checked, then the bookmark will evolve as the MeSOLaB system goes on.

Clicking a float marker on the MeSOMaP makes this float "active". You can then choose to add it to your favorite floats by using the "Share" menu, an interactive map will show you the current position of this float in the "My Floats" submenu. (n.b.: time bounds can't be preserved for a float bookmark as the principle is to follow its trajectory in real-time. For all other purposes, a region bookmark is the right solution.)
In the "MyGeoid" menu, you will also find most followed places/floats in corresponding submenus. In each of these pages, you can choose to bookmark a map or a float by clicking the "Bookmark" link. You can also choose to "Like" a map by clicking the eponym link. You can like a map up to 5 times. After that, if you want more visibility for your bookmark, then you'll will have to request others to support your action. So don't wait anymore, create your MyGeoid account and get involved in the community !!